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According to its wikipedia page, Back to the Bible is an international radio, television and publishing ministry created to help people apply God’s Word to daily Christianity that got its start in radio way back in 1939. Today, their web site connects people to its audio broadcasts, including the very popular “Bible Minute,” as well as a number of other resources, all designed to help you get the most out of your time in God’s Word.

Their “Bible Studies and Devotions” section, (the focus of this post), includes a variety of topical Bibles studies, Bible reading guides, Bible Q&A’s and even a “Bible Challenge.” Click on the various menu options on the site and look around, because there’s a lot to explore. Some of my favorite resources include:

  • Understanding Your Bible – A 19-page downloadable PDF study that covers nine core principles for approaching your reading and study of the Bible.  This guide “is designed to help you understand the Bible the way that God intended you to understand it.”
  • Now What? Living Out Your Christian Life – The web site has some great, short, very well presented Bible studies for new Believers, like this one that offers several practical steps to grow closer to their Lord and Savior. (The format quotes and references Bible passages in the text instead of having the reader look it up in their Bible.)
  • The Bible Meets the Real World – A pleasant, simple 4-week study on living transformed lives on a day-by-day basis as we experience the Bible’s relevance in both the joys and challenges of “real life.” (This study is from Back to the Bible’s extensive study archive library.)

Like I said, the web site is rich with Bible-focused content, as the name “Back to the Bible” implies, and most all of it is provided free as a ministry, so check it out and see what you can find that might enrich your personal time in God’s Word.

[Blog Author’s Note: Watch for a future post specifically on Back to the Bible’s “Powered by 4” online community of people “reading, discussing and growing in God’s Word together.”]

Back to the Bible link:

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