Passage Study: John 4:1-42


PASSAGE: John 4:1-42

READ the text completely through once.

READ IT AGAIN, this time taking note of how the Samaritan woman addresses or describes Jesus:

● verse 9:  J________

● verse 15:  S________

● verse 19:  P_____________

● verse 29:  C____________

● verse 42 (by the Samaritans):  S___________ ____ _____ ___________

BRIEFLY DESCRIBE the woman’s journey to understanding who Jesus really is:



HOW MIGHT people make a similar journey today in their understanding of Jesus? Where might they start, where should they end and how might they get there?




WHY did the Samaritans initially “believe in him?” (v. 39)


WHY did the Samaritans ultimately “believe?” (v. 42)


BASED ON this example, how important is our role in introducing people to Jesus?

____________ Why?_________________________________________

HOW MIGHT the Holy Spirit, then, make Jesus “real” to the person so he/she believes?



PRAY for a friend or family member who has acknowledged Jesus’ existence in history (“Jew”) and may even respect Him as a good man (“Sir”), but doesn’t yet acknowledge Jesus as “Christ” or as his/her “Savior.”Ask that God would give you the boldness and confidence of the Samaritan woman and that, as a result, your friend or family member would experience Jesus in such a way that it makes a personal, powerful and permanent impact.

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3 Responses to Passage Study: John 4:1-42

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  2. Anonymous says:

    When ever we testify about the Lord Jesus the whole world get to know about Christ, like what the Samaritan women did she ran to the city and told many of the Samaritans and believed,that is part of our Evangelism.

  3. Charles says:

    Evangelizing is what the Samaritan women did so we are encouraged to tell others of the Lord Jesus,as we tell others they will get to know the Lord by themselves because of our testmony.

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