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I still remember back in 1981, when Navpress came out with the first issue of their new magazine: Discipleship Journal. It was relatively thin, (in part because, at the time, it contained no advertising), but I found every word of value and the articles on different aspects of Christian living and effective ministry extremely relevant. What also stood out to me was how they consistently directed the reader back to God’s Word whether by verse quotes richly integrated into the articles or via an “On Your Own” mini-study that followed many of the articles. Of course, the articles and special sections on how to make the most of your personal Bible study time, and there were many of those, were some of the most beneficial and most frequently revisited aspects of each issue.

Sadly, after 171 issues (about 28 years worth), the magazine ceased publication, suffering the fate of so much of print media that was unable to make the transition to a viable online format. Fortunately (and thankfully), the good people at Navpress have kept the Discipleship Journal section of their web site up and running. There you will find:

  • A searchable archive of articles from past issues of Discipleship Journal
  • A cumulative topical index of all 171 issues in PDF format to help you in your search.
  • Over 100 articles specifically on the subject of Bible Study (see topical index), as well as numerous topical Bible studies identified under the different subjects in the index.
  • A handful of “easy-to-fill-out” Bible studies in PDF format on such topics as Spiritual Disciples, The Heart of the Gospel and more.
  • A selection of Bible studies and “discipleship resources” published by NavPress for purchase.

To give you a bit better feel for the variety of “how to” articles in the archive library, here is just a small sample of the 108 articles on the topic of “Bible Study” from the cumulative index mentioned above:

  • Blueprint for Bible Study
  • Digging Deeper in God’s Word
  • Tools for Meditation and Study
  • How to Study Bible Books Chapter by Chapter
  • Firsthand Joy: Understand the Bible on Your Own
  • Do-It-Yourself Bible Study
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Reference Books
  • Bible Study for the Faint of Heart
  • Get a Grip on Scripture
  • How to Find Personal Applications
  • Studying the Bible: As Easy as ABC
  • How to Do a Word Study
  • Open-heart Bible Study
  • Seven Keys to Understanding Scripture
  • The Encounter with Jesus Bible Study
  • Old Testament Study
  • Three Questions to Ask about Bible Stories
  • Personalizing Scripture
  • Reading the Bible for Life Change
  • The Scratch ’n Sniff Bible

So, next time you’re on the Internet, carve out some time to explore one of the rare hidden treasures of Bible study information out there. I promise you that it will increase both the impact and enjoyment of your time spent in God’s Word.

Discipleship Journal link:

[Blog Author’s Note: If you like what you see online, NavPress has also put the first 150 issues onto a CD for better searching, reading and even printing. The software license even allows you to make up to 100 copies for your church or small group. The Discipleship Journal Anthology CD-ROM, which is compatible with WORDsearch Bible Software (though not required), is available for less than $25 online.]

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