Review: Bible Study Magazine

Resource: Bible Study Magazine
Publisher: Logos Bible Software
Resource Type: Bible Study Methods/How-to
Rating: ●●●●● (Excellent)


A few years back, when Logos Bible Software announced their plans to publish a bi-monthly print-only magazine on the subject of “How to Study Your Bible,” it was met with a fair amount of both confusion and skepticism on their online forum. Many of those offering feedback just didn’t seem to “get” (or maybe a better term is “appreciate”) the benefits of a simple, focused publication like Bible Study Magazine that shows up in your mailbox every eight weeks or so. My take on this disconnect is that many of Logos’ Bible software customers – primarily seminary students, pastors and other ministry professionals – might not feel the need for this magazine which seems to be designed (in my opinion) more for the layperson who is simply interested in new and better ways of improving their personal time exploring God’s Word. If that latter category describes you, whether you are new to Bible study or a seasoned veteran of God’s Word, I encourage you to check out Bible Study Magazine. I personally find it to be an excellent resource with a solid, helpful format and content that is kept fresh, in part, by presenting the thoughts of a different featured “expert” on Bible study in each issue.

To give you a little better feel for the publication, here are some of the different sections you’ll find in each issue:

  • Feature Stories (New ways to connect the Bible with your ministry and life)
  • Bible Study Tips (Just what it says and lots of them!)
  • A New Kind of Bible Study (An ongoing Bible study in each issue)
  • On Teaching (Advice on how to preach or teach the Bible)
  • Tool Box (How-to Bible study guides)
  • Thoughts from the Ancients (Wisdom of the early church—in their own words)
  • Word Studies (Insights about specific words found in the Bible)
  • Did You Know? (Interesting facts about the Bible)
  • Book Reviews (Books to equip you in your study of God’s Word)

To get an even better feel for the publication, you can actually browse page-by-page through their entire March/April 2010 issue online here.


  • Excellent resource for anyone looking to either strengthen or freshen up their time in God’s Word.
  • Very affordable at $14.95 per yearly subscription (6 issues).
  • Versatile content of practical how-to steps to study, as well as general articles to improve understanding; something here for every “student” of the Bible.
  • Visually appealing; great use of “infographics” to communicate concepts.
  • Featured content in each issue by a different “expert” on the Bible and how to apply it to real life.
  • Many back issues ($2.95 + shipping) are available from the Logos web site.
  • Truly an independent publication on the important subject of effective Bible study; extremely useful whether or not you own Logos Bible Software.


  • Josh McDowell on “How I Do Bible Study”
  • Plan of Action: Greg Laurie Explains How the Bible is Our Guide
  • Real-Life Make-Believe: Randy Alcorn on Having a Biblical Voice
  • Max Lucado on What’s Taught and What’s Caught
  • Transmitting the Word: John Piper on Consistency and Community
  • Fragile to Fearless: How Beth Moore Conquered Insecurity
  • John MacArthur: Unleashing God’s Truth—One Verse at a Time
  • US Senate Chaplain Barry Black on Impossible Goals: Possible with Bible Study
  • Bible Study Anywhere: Mark Driscoll on Connecting Bible Study to Everyday Life


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