BibleSEO (Bible Study Exposition Online) is a blog site that provides free resources for both individual and small group Bible study. Unlike many sites that advertise “Bible study” materials only to offer a series of short articles exploring a Bible passage or topic, with no actual involvement or thought required by the reader, BibleSEO offers studies in a question and answer format. Many of the questions include a bullet point list offering “pieces” of the answer to help direct the study in the right direction and to a fuller, more complete understanding.

The site groups its content in a convenient directory listing of “Free Bible Studies, Topics and Ideas” on the right side of the page, as well as offering a search feature. (As the site uses “Ads by Google” to generate income, don’t be confused by the Bible study-related links at the top of each page. They will take you to Google for a search on the topic listed, not to the Bible study pages of the BibleSEO site.) The resource categories on BibleSEO are:

  • Beatitudes Bible Studies
  • Bible Devotionals
  • Bible Study Methods
  • Character Studies
  • Christian Discipleship Studies
  • Christian Life Studies
  • Doctrinal Study Guide
  • Featured Bible Studies
  • Gospel of John Studies
  • Gospel of Luke Studies
  • Gospel of Mark Studies
  • Gospel of Matthew Studies
  • Gospels Studies
  • Inductive Studies
  • Jesus’ Miracles Studies
  • Miscellaneous
  • New Testament Studies
  • Old Testament Studies
  • Small Group Studies

One of my favorite studies on the BibleSEO site, (at least from the ones I’ve looked at so far), is the one on the Cost of Discipleship. The study author does a very nice job of outlining not just what a disciple is and the “costs” involved, but also includes a short list of what a disciple is not, just so the person doing the study is crystal clear upfront.

While there is some overlap in the study categories, being a blog site means that a specific Bible study “post” can appear in more than one category, so you shouldn’t worry about missing a study because you looked in the “wrong” section. Also, as a blog, you are able to subscribe to the RSS feed for regular updates (don’t worry if you’re not familiar with RSS) or request to be notified of new posts by email.

In addition to great content, BibleSEO has a clean look and is very easy to navigate, a characteristic which no doubt led to their being a runner-up in the “Best Christian Blog” category in the 2009 Christian Web and New Media Awards.

BibleSEO link:

[Blog Author’s Note: On the main BibleSEO site, you may notice a directory of posts to the “BibleSEO Blog.” This site is obviously related to the site discussed above, but with only a couple pages of posts, most from February 2010, on a broader range of subjects, this is obviously not their principle source of content for visitors.]

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  1. BibleSEO says:

    Thank you for taking time to review the BibleSEO site. I really appreciate it. Hope and pray that God may use the resources provided on your blog in powerful ways. Thanks again.

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