Monthly Recap: July 2011

Well, it’s been a little over a month since the Bible Study Made Easy blog began publication and we have, for the most part, put some information of interest out here every weekday to help you with your time studying God’s Word. We have also started sharing information about the daily posts, as well as quotes from and about the Bible on Twitter. I invite you to follow us at @EasyBibleStudy.

While you are always welcome to explore the entire blog contents at your leisure, here is a quick recap of the posts for the month of July, 2011:







Thanks to everyone who has visited the Bible Study Made Easy blog so far.

As we move into our second full month of blogging, I ask for your prayers that this site would be used to both equip and encourage people to spend more time actually digging into the life-changing truth and wisdom of God’s Word. Any assistance you wish to provide on getting the word out, whether it’s sharing individual posts-of-interest on Facebook, following us on Twitter and retweeting on occasion or even linking to us through your web site or your church’s web site would be welcome in helping us fulfill our simple, focused mission, all for the glory of our God.

Thanks again! Enjoy the day!

Bible Study Made Easy

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