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Review: Bible Study Magazine

Resource: Bible Study Magazine Publisher: Logos Bible Software Resource Type: Bible Study Methods/How-to Rating: ●●●●● (Excellent) SUMMARY A few years back, when Logos Bible Software announced their plans to publish a bi-monthly print-only magazine on the subject of “How to … Continue reading

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My Bible Software

As I mentioned in one of my first blog posts, I firmly believe (and am quite opinionated about it, in fact) that the “Key to Easy” when it comes to Bible study is having the “right” Bible study software. By … Continue reading

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Link: Discipleship Journal

I still remember back in 1981, when Navpress came out with the first issue of their new magazine: Discipleship Journal. It was relatively thin, (in part because, at the time, it contained no advertising), but I found every word of … Continue reading

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Passage Study: John 4:1-42

A JOURNEY TO BELIEF PASSAGE: John 4:1-42 READ the text completely through once. READ IT AGAIN, this time taking note of how the Samaritan woman addresses or describes Jesus: ● verse 9:  J________ ● verse 15:  S________ ● verse 19:  P_____________ … Continue reading

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You have no doubt already surmised what type of content you will find on a web site with the domain name That’s right! A wide variety of tools to help you explore and study God’s Word, including Bible text … Continue reading

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My Four Versions

A number of study methods encourage you to examine a Bible passage in more than one  translation to see it from different “angles.” That’s my normal practice using my Bible software and, on occasion, robust Internet Bible collections like … Continue reading

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Review: Rick Warren’s Bible Study Methods

Book Title: Rick Warren’s Bible Study Methods: Twelve Ways to Unlock God’s Word Author: Rick Warren Book Type: Bible Study Methods/How-to Rating: ●●●●○ (Very Good) SUMMARY You were created to become like Christ. This is one of the five God-ordained … Continue reading

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