Study Bible Deals for Kindle and Nook

[Blog Author’s Update: Unfortunately, neither of these resources is still a great deal through Amazon, as the publishers have apparently raised the price to around $20 each. Sorry!]

If you own a Barnes & Noble Nook or an Amazon Kindle or have either of the free reader apps installed on other devices, here are two pretty sweet deals on fairly unique Study Bibles that you may want to take advantage of:


Readers who desire a more intimate knowledge of the historical context of the Bible will appreciate the NIV Archaeological Study Bible. Full of informative articles and full-color photographs of places and objects from biblical times, this Bible examines the archaeological record surrounding God’s Word and brings the biblical world to life. Readers’ personal studies will be enriched as they become more informed about the empires, places, and peoples of the ancient world. (Summary from

Features include:

  • Bottom-of-page study notes exploring passages that speak on archaeological and cultural facts
  • Articles (520) covering five main categories: Archaeological Sites, Cultural and Historical Notes, Ancient Peoples and Lands, the Reliability of the Bible, and Ancient Texts and Artifacts
  • Approximately 500 4-color photographs interspersed throughout
  • Detailed book introductions that provide basic, at-a-glance information
  • Detailed charts on pertinent topics
  • In-text color maps that assist the reader in placing the action

More info for Kindle / Nook


With over one million copies sold, the Quest Study Bible is designed to provide solid, Scripture-based answers to your most perplexing questions. With thousands of notes and hundreds of articles by top evangelical scholars, this unique Bible will quickly become your most trusted resource. (Summary from

The Quest Study Bible features include:

  • Over 7,000 sidebar notes that clarify the Bible’s most puzzling passages
  • Nearly 350 articles by top scholars that address the most popular and provocative questions asked by Christians and non-Christians alike
  • Article index and expanded subject index that help you quickly find the answers they’re looking for
  • Single-column Scripture text format
  • Color-keyed verse numbers that supply instant reference to articles and sidebar notes
  • Book introductions that identify themes, characters, and events in each Bible book
  • Over 150 two-color in-text charts, timelines, and maps providing background information you need to understand different passages
  • Concordance, dictionary, 16-page full-color map section, 7-page full-color timeline section, and reading plans to assist your study of the Bible

More info for Kindle / Nook


I actually have very recently purchased both Study Bibles for the Kindle app, which I have on my laptop, Android tablet and Android phone. After some use, I have to concur somewhat with the reviewers on the site and site that the navigation of each leaves something desired with the ebook version of these Study Bibles, probably more so with the Quest Study Bible. That said, for 3 bucks and 4 bucks, respectively, I still find them to be a worthwhile purchase, especially since neither is available in a major Bible software format.


One more pretty good deal is the ESV Study Bible, which I reviewed last week. While this resource really shines when part of a software library like WORDsearch or Logos, if you don’t have either and do have a Nook or Kindle, at just 10 bucks, this is a purchase to consider to enhance your study time.

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