If someone asked me to describe in just a few words, I’m not sure I could do it. No, actually I’m pretty sure that I could not do it. The scope and variety of content is pretty massive, with new content by various authors being added regularly. While this link, like most I share, is best experienced and evaluated (regarding value to you) by visiting the actual web site, here are some of the primary features related to better, easier Bible study:


Obviously, there is the complete text of the Bible, but not in multiple popular translations like you might find on other major “Bible” sites. No, offers only one translation: the NET Bible. I won’t go into too much detail about or comment on this translation other than to say the verse footnotes are extensive and that it has been endorsed by well-known Christian pastors such as Chuck Swindoll, Tony Evans, Howard Hendricks and more. While it is copyrighted, it is available as a free download. The people at have also worked hard to build an online “study environment” that makes using the NET Bible for personal study as easy and effective as possible. I encourage you, while you are at, to give it a try.


Right under the logo, you’ll see a “Studies by” menu bar that let’s you browse or search for Bible studies by any of the following:

  • Author
  • What’s New
  • Language
  • Series
  • Topic
  • Book
  • Verse

One of the biggest benefits of the study materials is also one of it’s biggest challenges: There is a LOT of it by many different authors. Trying to find the ones that meet your needs and are written in the style/format that you like can be extremely time consuming. What has worked well for me and what I recommend to others (you) is that you start with the verse search. Enter a passage in the space provided, hit “enter” and you will be presented with a list of studies that relate to your passage, sorted by “relevance.” Examine the different results and note the authors that you like. Then go to “studies by topic” and pick a topic of interest from the list. Again, read the different studies listed, making note of the names of the authors that present the material in a way you benefit from and enjoy. Later, whether you search by author or simply note the names of your favorites in other search results, you will spend more time actually using the studies then searching for them.

While many of the “studies” on the web site could be better classified as “study articles,” similar to a user-friendly commentary, there are those authors who do incorporate individual and/or group study questions, as appropriate.


The other aspects of, and there are many, are what make it difficult to succinctly or even accurately describe everything you will find or can do on the site. There are different study communities for men, women, pastors, people in children’s ministry, etc. There is also an area where you can read fresh Bible-related blog postings by any one of about two dozen bloggers that are associated with, as well as visit’s Forums section for online discussion about a variety of topics, including While not really relevant to the topic of “better, easier Bible study,” there is also a “Users” and a “Labs” section for you to get involved with what the people behind are trying to accomplish, if you choose, as well as a store where you can purchase physical (as opposed to online) NET Bible-related items.


If you go to their About Us page and do some other looking around the web site, it will be pretty clear pretty quick that is a ministry with a solid Bible-based mission that also relies, at least in part, on voluntary donations by people that use and appreciate the work that went into making all the resources available to change lives and glorify God. If you feel so led, I encourage you to encourage them with a donation.


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