As a believer in God, a follower of Christ and student of the Bible, I am always looking for better methods, tools and approaches to understanding the truth of what God Himself wrote in what we call “the Bible.” As a whole, it can seem like a complicated Book, penned by multiple scribes over many hundreds of years, and in a way it is complicated because life itself is complicated. That said…

The purpose of Bible Study Made Easy is to help make the reading and study of God’s Word less complicated, less intimidating and a whole lot more inviting, understandable and even enjoyable. That will hopefully take place one post at a time as we explore a variety of techniques, tips and tools, and as I share resources, reviews and recommendations based on my experiences and invite you to do so, as well.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions from your experiences interacting with the Bible.

Thanks! Enjoy the day!

(AKA. Steve Robinson)

NOTE: Steve (me) is not employed by, compensated by or affiliated in any way with the companies that make the products reviewed or that are behind the web sites linked.* I am just a somewhat opinionated, Bible software using, Christian book reading, web wandering, enthusiastic follower of Christ who is interested in sharing what he’s learned over the years regarding easy and effective Bible study with others. Nothing more, nothing less!

(* In the interest of full disclosure, if you follow a link in a review to buy a product off of ChristianBook.com, I do get a very small amount of compensation to help support this effort. If you decide to buy that way, you won’t pay any more and you have my thanks. That said, the truly important thing is that you get the resources that you need and that resonate with the way you do Bible study, so don’t feel at all compelled to use my links.)

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