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Passage Study: Matthew 13:1-23

MIRACLE GROW (PARABLE OF THE SOWER) PASSAGE: Matthew 13:1-23 READ THE TEXT completely through once. READ AGAIN Jesus’ explanation of the parable (v. 18-23) and answer the following questions: 1. Why do you think some people are more open to … Continue reading

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Passage Study: John 4:1-42

A JOURNEY TO BELIEF PASSAGE: John 4:1-42 READ the text completely through once. READ IT AGAIN, this time taking note of how the Samaritan woman addresses or describes Jesus: ● verse 9:  J________ ● verse 15:  S________ ● verse 19:  P_____________ … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Started

While you won’t find Bible Study Made Easy delving too much into the question of “why study the Bible,” (this is really more of a “how to” adventure), we thought it appropriate to kick-off the site by briefly studying a … Continue reading

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