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Topic Study: Friendship (from Proverbs)

STUDY TOPIC: Building Better Friendships KEY PASSAGE(S): Various verses from the Book of Proverbs While most of us always welcome the opportunity to make new friends, when it comes to friendship in general, what people want (and need) most is … Continue reading

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Link: Bible.org

If someone asked me to describe Bible.org in just a few words, I’m not sure I could do it. No, actually I’m pretty sure that I could not do it. The scope and variety of content is pretty massive, with … Continue reading

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Passage Study: Matthew 13:1-23

MIRACLE GROW (PARABLE OF THE SOWER) PASSAGE: Matthew 13:1-23 READ THE TEXT completely through once. READ AGAIN Jesus’ explanation of the parable (v. 18-23) and answer the following questions: 1. Why do you think some people are more open to … Continue reading

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Review: Opening Up Commentary

Commentary: Opening Up Commentary Type: ○Single Volume/OT/NT   ●Individual Books Style: ●Layperson   ○Pastor/Teacher   ○Technical/Student   ●Devotional   ○Other Rating: ●●●●○ (Very Good) SUMMARY The Opening Up Commentary Collection offers accessible and easy-to-read introductions to the books of the Bible. The commentaries tackle … Continue reading

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Link: GotQuestions.org

Long before I decided to start blogging about Bible Study Made Easy, one of my favorite web sites to visit and recommend to others was GotQuestions.org. This site, which claims to have answered an amazing number of questions, (282,662, at … Continue reading

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What Are YOU Studying?

I’ve got a question for you: What are you currently studying in the Bible? Not just reading through in the Bible or perhaps reading about in a book on a Bible subject, but actually taking the time and effort to … Continue reading

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Link: BibleSEO.com

BibleSEO (Bible Study Exposition Online) is a blog site that provides free resources for both individual and small group Bible study. Unlike many sites that advertise “Bible study” materials only to offer a series of short articles exploring a Bible … Continue reading

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